Monday, December 14, 2009

Farewell letter to my team

I wrote this letter to my team on my last day in Office, it was very hard for me to say good bye to all those people with whom I had spent majority of my time of last three years. When I read their reply it makes me miss them even more.
Here are both the mails below.

From: Som
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:15 AM
To: Team ESD
Subject: Farewell, My Team, Adieu...

Dear Team,

Today is my last day in office and I am writing this mail with bag full of emotions, for the last 3 years I have been entirely involved with the team ESD. I have seen this team grow from a team of 4 to be the team which handles all the Safety projects in exports, I have taken every success of the team as my own success and every failure of the team as my own failure. My team I can say is the best team in any sense, technically as well as creatively; being a part of this team I always felt a sense of ownership and responsibility towards my assignments. Today when I am leaving most of you are not here at the office so I am writing this open letter though I would have loved to say this personally to each of you.

Vinay Sir:

I learnt my first lessons of teambuilding and leadership under you and today when I am going to do my MBA these will help me a lot. In my tenure in Yokogawa I have worked with a lot of lead engineers but you are the best I have ever worked with. Be the way you are never mind what others say, as I am assuring you that your team loves you. I am sorry if couldn’t live up to your expectations.


Your discipline and dedication to work is exemplary. So many times it has inspired even me to put that extra bit of hard work which in the end made the difference. I will miss a good friend like you.


I still remember the day when you were put into the team and I was assigned to teach Pro-Safe to you. Today I can proudly say that you have learnt everything about Pro-Safe without any of my help. You have all the requisites of an excellent engineer keep working the way you are doing now.


I have not enjoyed working more with anyone else than you, it’s simply because the sense of sharing you put into it. My only piece of advice for you would be: don’t mix emotions with work, finish your work and don’t expect any rewards, your only reward will be satisfaction that you will get from successful completion of work.


I will miss your company and your jokes. Your presence itself lifts the mood and spirit of the team. My advice for you will be same as I had given to Arnab: don’t mix your emotions with work.


You are one of the smartest members of the team, I like your fighting spirit, keep it alive. I will miss your advices and good luck wishes.


I have never seen anyone as passionate about work as you are, don’t let the world kill your passion, whenever it feels that you have reached the bottom of everything just remember that it’s the beginning of another high.

I can go writing on and on but the space is too small so I would stop here. Please stay in touch with me through Orkut and Gtalk . Before I sign off I would like to recite this poem by Rabindranath Tagore,


Will Miss you all,


From: Vinay
Sent: Tuesday, July 21, 2009 11:15 AM
To: Team ESD
Subject: Re:Farewell, My Team, Adieu...

Dear Som,

That was a very heart-warming mail from you.

We will really miss your presence in a very big way. The organizational skill (can be trip or any other thing) and the dreamy look of yours will be missed for a very long time to come. Not only the ESD team, people outside this team will miss you a lot J. In fact we were planning for an outing after the complete team finishes their assignment, alas now we will miss our key resource planner.

I really appreciate your contribution and a very heartfelt thanks for being the pillar of this team building process. Without active co-operation and help from all the members we would not have come to this position today.

Don’t worry you have lived up to most of my expectations, but do remember that you have a very long way to go. I only hope that the lessons you have learnt here, shall be of good use for your journey of life.

All the very best and keep in touch. Do let us know when you come down to Bangalore, we would like to have a get-together and a belated farewell party. I am very sorry that we are not able to give you one at this moment of time as most of us are outside.

That’s it from me.

Dear Team,

“THREE CHEERS” - for one of the best member of our team.




  1. I know ! It is so difficult to say Good bye ! I think I will never learn it.
    Btw, good to see the real name, just when I had figured out who ' Aparichito' was :P

  2. Yeah finally got rid of the pseudonym :D

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